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System Requirements:


- 64bit Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 ( SP1), Windows Vista® (SP1)


Print2CAD™ Software is a stand alone Windows (64 bit) program based on Trusted DWG that works independently with all CAD systems (and with all AutoCAD® versions including AutoCAD® 2018).


- Windows 10: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)

- Windows 8: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)

- Windows 7: 4 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)

- Windows Vista: 2 GB RAM (for TIFF, JPEG or scanned PDF Vectorization)

Print2CAD™ 2018

x64, Artificial Intelligence

Limited Time Offer!

 Print2CAD Software is the number one choice of Fortune 500 Companies (Boeing, Airbus, HP, Disney), Defense and Aerospace (Lockheed, NASA, SpaceX), State Universities, Architectural and Engineering Companies (see more here)

Supported Input Formats:

Main Import:

PDF (Native With Real Lines and Texts)
PDF (Raster Based From Scanner)


Other: DWG, DXF (12-2017), DWT, DXB, DWF, HPGL, EPS, JPEG, TIFF (Raster To Vector)

AutoCAD® Comaptibility:

OCR of Text:

Optical Text Recognition

OCR of Text as Line, Rater Picture, or Solid Hatch. OCR with Dictionaries, and Clean Up Parameters. Automatic or Half Manually Separation of Text Areas.

Raster to DWG (Raster To Vector):

JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG Conversion into DWG

Vectorization of Raster Pictures, OCR of Text, Line Type Recognition, Recognition of Circles and Arcs, Calibration of Coordinates

AutoCAD DWG legacy Drawings as native Format

Print2CAD 2018 is based on Trusted DWG™ from Autodesk® and developed with the help of Autodesk RealDWG™ Developer Tools.

Over 50.000 Customers in
the US!

Over 30.000 Customers in

PDF to DWG / DXF and Raster To Vector Converter

PDF (Vector and Raster) to DWG or DXF

TIFF, JPEG ... to DWG or DXF



PDF Text Recognition (OCR of Drawing)
PDF Line Type Recognition

PDF Coordinates Scaling (Calibration Points)


Raster Image Vectorization as Lines
Raster Image Vectorization as Outlines

Raster Image Vectorization as Solids

Raster Image Text Recognition (OCR)
Raster Image Line Type Recognition

Raster Image Coordinates Calibration


PDF (Architectural Scan) to DWG or DXF

PDF (Contour Lines Scan) to DWG or DXF

PDF (Digital Photo) to DWG or DXF

PDF (OCR of Text Page) to DWG or DXF


Including DWG Post Prozessor  ""


Supports DWG 2000-2018

Over 20 Free Trainings Videos


Work With All CAD Systems
Full AutoCAD® 2000-2018 compatible




Supported Output Formats:

Main Export: DWG and DXF (12-2018)

Export: DWG, DXF (12-2018), PDF, 3D PDF,  WMF, DXB, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, Word (.doc), Excel (.xml)

Line Type Recognition:

Recognition of Line Types

Recognition of Small Dashes in PDF as DWG Lines with Line Type. Recognition of Dashed, Dashed Dot,  Dashed Dot Dot, Dot Dot Line Type.

DWG Post Processing:

High Speed CAD system ""

Zoom and Print DWG Flies. DWG Postprocessor: Edit the Colors, Change the Layer Names, Change the Text (Translation), Change the Fonts, Sort Entities on Different Layers.

PDF Measuring:

PDF Measuring Functions with Snapping

Inquire Distance, Areas, ID Coordinates, Change Units , Scale and Stretch Drawing, Calibrate Coordinates

"I was previously using the PDF to cad converter that came with my CAD software, but it was pretty limited. Your program allowed me to import some detailed  manufacturer drawings. I feel like I got a one afternoon payback on my investment. Nice piece of work."


Patrick Frano, Water Treatment Professional


"We've tried  a couple different PDF to DWG converters, and yours is by far the best."


David Dougan, Fine Architectural Millwork & Cabinetry


"I didn’t know there was a product like this out there.
It’s great!"


Eloisa Marrero, Drafter




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PDF to DWG (PDF Import):

PDF Import and Conversion into DWG

Vectorization of Raster Pictures, OCR of Text, Line Type Recognition, Recognition of Circles and Arcs, Calibration of Coordinates. Clean Up of Input.

CAD Entities Recognition:

Enhanced Recognition of Origin CAD Entities

Recognition of CAD Circles, Arcs, Texts, Layers, Line Types, Walls, Contours, 90 Degree Corners, Horizontal and Vertical lines.

DWG Redlining:

DWG or DXF Redlining

Freehand Lines, Leaders, Revision Clouds, Layer Management and Layer Settings Manager.

PDF Viewing:

Internal PDF Viewer for Construction Drawings

Zoom and Print PDF, Scale the Line Weights, Set Line Weights to 0.0, Separate the PDF entities, Pick the Color of Entities and Rasters Pictures



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